Byron Bay Bluesfest

Elephant Sessions


In 2018, Bluesfest witnessed the musical power house that is Elephant Sessions. They came welding weapons grade grooves and guitar attack with quicksilver fiddle/mandolin melodies. The group fuses rich folk and trad influences with funk, rock and electronica in an instantly captivating, progressive, visceral blend. Coming straight to Bluesfest from shows in New York, the band will perform their only Australian dates at Bluesfest!?

‘The versatility of Elephant Sessions is its strength. Passionate about their culture and their origins, these Scots are using their instruments like weapons to destroy clichés...We love them’ - Rolling Stone Magazine

‘Absolutely superb...’ Chris Hawkins (BBC Radio 6)

Elephant Sessions, who hail from the Highlands of Scotland have exploded onto the indie folk scene with unparalleled effect.

The release of their album ‘All We Have is Now’ in 2017, was followed by live appearances at some of the world’s most notable festivals. Audiences crowd surfed their way through the summer and marquee floors broke under the weight of bouncing fans.

The Mercury nominated Alt J, along with BBC Radio 6 found themselves converted to the band’s unique brand of indie folk. Reviews from Rolling Stone Magazine sat alongside folk magazine coverage. Radio features accompanied documentaries and highlights shows on television stations. ?

Charting in the French download charts and selling bucket loads across Europe ‘All We Have is Now’ firmly established this band as completely unique.

Elephant Sessions transcend boundaries and shake the very foundations of expectation. ?

Playing Days
Thursday 18th April, 2019
Saturday 20th April, 2019
Monday 22nd April, 2019


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